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Computer Integrated Manufacturing

We have more then a quarter century worth of experience in CIM. Our CNC machines are fully integrated with our CAD systems, our MRP relational database, our CAM systems and our post-processors, to generate G-code by taking full advantage of four axes parametric's. In 2012 we have been invited to work with the Ural motorcycle factory in Irbit, Russia. Originally the factory was set up beautifully for 100 crank cases a day roughly, now only about 4 to 6 are needed. The line up of several machines was getting old, designed for about half hour operations with some carousels as in 6 cases in one setup. Two newer 4-axis CNC made in Russia with FANUC controls and we picked one to pre-machine crank cases. To set up the 4-axis horizontal CNC mill we wrote a post-processor from scratch for the 6M FANUC control, set baud etc. parameters, used a MacBook to upload the many G-code routines via USB and RS232 and machined the first crank cases. Finishing was still done as before and all old machines doing the preliminary work were shut down.